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Why British Labs?

Originating in England in the 1880s, the modern Labrador retriever's characteristics have diverged into two distinct types of dog. Where the American Lab has been bred to be very driven and high-energy at all times, the British Lab continues to be very driven in the field yet quiet, calm, and steady, also serving as a loyal and loving family dog.

This is mostly due to the different requirements in field trials and hunt tests in the two countries. In America, field trials and hunt tests require the dogs to run hard, fast, and mechanically obey commands. Game finding, or use of the nose, take a backseat to crisp handling and marking because the “game” used are dummies or dead game. Different types of terrain, including water, are part of the trials and each dog gets the same retrieves at each event.


British field trials also require the dogs to run hard, but they also require the dogs to be calm and quiet. Game finding or using their nose is of primary importance in a British trial because the dogs are engaged in an actual live hunt with various types of game. No dog gets the exact same retrieve, giving each a chance to perform uniquely.

British Labradors are a highly intelligent breed of dog that analyzes situations more so than other breeds. They also possess superior scenting ability and are strong swimmers, making them excellent waterfowl dogs as well. Physically, British Labradors are usually finer featured and smaller than their American counterparts, weighing 45-75 pounds.

Our Mission

The mission of Double TT British Kennels is to provide healthy, socialized british lab puppies and well-trained labrador retrievers for the hunter looking for that special hunting dog and family companion.

To breed the best, you need the best. For more than 20 years, Double TT British Kennels have imported dogs directly from the United Kingdom to build superior bloodlines. Extensive research and visits to both England and Scotland have resulted in the importation of top lines of dogs that have proven themselves in the field, including dogs that have achieved major awards and the title of Field Trial Champion.

A true family gun dog, the Double TT Lab is bred and trained to the highest standards. British Labradors require a gentle hand to develop their natural hunting ability and steady, calm demeanor. Double TT offers training up to the Master level, preparing the ideal companion for the American hunter.