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Gun Dog Training

Ask about our gun dog training program. We will adapt to your individual needs when comes to having your dog trained. We use positive methods on training and teaching your gun dog. At Double TT, your dog will be trained on over 1000 acres of ground with varied terrain including ponds and lakes.  We understand that your dog will be part of your family so obedience and manners are a top priority.  Give Cory a call or email and let him design the perfect program that will give you your dream dog in the field and in the house.


Puppy Program

Everyone wants a cute little puppy, but not everyone wants to have to deal with crate training, leash training and socializing. Double TT now how has a program that will help with the transition from leaving Double TT to going home. Let Double TT get your puppy off to a great start before they head home. Ask Cory about the puppy program and let them give you the dream puppy that you want.



You have the puppy that you have always wanted, now let us help you get the obedience and manners that you want. When your Double TT dog turns 5 months of age your dog is now ready to go through our obedience program. During your dogs obedience training, we will customize the training to your needs while we teach the basics sit, here, heel, stay and place. There is nothing better than a Double TT dog except for a well mannered and obedient Double TT dog. Give Cory a call to set up your training needs.