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About Double TT Kennels

The mission of Double TT British Kennels is to provide healthy, socialized pups and well-trained Labrador Retrievers for the hunter looking for that special hunting dog and family companion.

To breed the best, you need the best. For more than 20 years, Double TT British Kennels have imported dogs directly from Great Britain to build superior bloodlines. Extensive research and visits to both England and Scotland have resulted in the importation of top lines of dogs that have proven themselves in the field, including dogs that have achieved major awards and the title of Field Trial Champion.

A true gentleman’s gun dog, the Double TT Lab is bred and trained to the highest standards.

Three black labrador puppies in front of British flag


A new partner, new talent, and additional facility: Introducing Cory and Brenda Doudican

Double TT British Kennels has some exciting news to share! But first….it’s hard to believe it’s been twenty years since the beginning. We have been incredibly blessed by the relationships formed, the confidence you have in our product, the success you’ve had with your puppies and the stories you’ve shared. They warm our hearts! We’ve…

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Client Testimonials

Bill Bondurant, MD

It has been almost a year since I have talked to you. I picked up my dog, Gracie, from you 1 year ago. She is amazing. I have trained many dogs myself, and have never trained such a hungry, thinking animal. Early,I made a cardinal mistake. I shot over the dog as a puppy. Instant Gun…

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Here is a picture of me and mystarted pup TTF High Caliber. She is out of Spud and Sadie. We had a lot of fun getting to this point. We keep you informed on how she is doing. Thanks

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Rebecca Nichols

My daughter (Lindsay Nichols) purchased Max from you in December.  He turns 1 year old in just a few weeks. He has achieved Good Citizens Title (before he was 6 mos old) as well as completed 3 levels of obedience. He will be attending hunting training with Sharp Retrievers in November. He will be training in Vienna, GA.…

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Elli Winter, Vienna, Austria

First I want to apologize if my English isn’t correct ;-).  I heard from Alessa you asked for the Austrian Beech-Puppies, how they are. Well, I thought I send you some infos and pics of Lilyen (Leadhills Hunting Glacial Lilyen). She’s now 10 months old and develops very well, a tall and beautiful bitch (the most beautiful in my…

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Mike Phillips, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Just a quick update on our 14 month old male and a couple of pics from hunting in South Dakota and with the family. This is Barley out of Bracken and Belle that we picked up last December. Great temperament with the wife and our two kids (Mia 4yrs and Mason 2yrs old). Barley is real quiet…

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Scott and Rachel Rumisek

We picked up Sadie in September, she is out of a Meg X Spud litter and we have been impressed!She is such a magnificent animal, she has great lines and style and is so muscular. Her temperament is outstanding, she is so calm for only being 6 month old. At the same time when you show her a…

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Sutherland Family

Sadie is 13 months old and has been a pleasure to have around hunting and with my family. Her parents were Brambles and Clyde. She is definitely a dog to be proud of. This is my first hunting dog and the quality of your kennel is becoming more and more apparent when I compare her trainability to some…

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Rick Clark, Emporia, KS

I noticed you don’t have any waterfowl pictures in you’re Puppy References, so I thought I’d send some and tell you a little about Emma (Brambles x Clyde). She is my 3rd Labrador (1st British). I’ve trained all three myself, and Emma was by far the easiest to train. She came as advertised, biddable,calm, intelligent, soft mouth,…

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Parker is almost 6 months and he’s just a shade over 47 lbs. If you look at the toy dog in the 12 wks pic and compare it to the 6 month a pic you can see a size difference. When we first got him he could barely carry that toy. Here is a list of…

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Nick Kaiser

I appreciate the email and the support that you and millions of other Americans have shown. It is an honor to serve. I’m attaching a picture of Max (Beech x Brambles) with my oldest son, Jack. He is a great puppy with a phenomenal disposition. Training is going well. I’m truly looking forward to hunting season! Thanks again,

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