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Double TT British Lab Stud Dogs


FTCH Outlaw Apache


OFTW HR Glenpatrick Romulus of Killieford

More about Adam

Adam is a muscular dog at around 70 pounds. He is a very easy dog to handle and is wanting to please you. Adam was imported from the UK and is an Open Field Trial Winner titled dog. Adam is very impressive to watch work in the field. He was in 2 Field Trials in the UK and won both of the trials. We are lucky to have Adam here at Double TT. Adam is working as a guide dog for waterfowl an upland when he is not lounging around the house.


FTW Green Bottle Bill
HRCH Tillman Krypton of Craighorn MH, aka Tiller


HRCH Tillman Krypton of Craighorn MH
GRHRCH David’s Deuce of Dux MH


GRHRCH David’s Deuce of Dux MH


Turlock Bertie At Tredinock

FTCH Stud Dogs in the UK used by Double TT

Apache Joe

Int. FTCH Apache Joe


FTW Apollobay Crimson King


FTCH Stauntonvale Moose Milk


FTCH Mitforton Oscar of Leadbrun
Field Trial Champion Leadburn ViceRoy


FTCH Leadburn ViceRoy

More about Roy

Placed Second in 2008 National Championship

Owned By Billy Steel, Sr. – Leadburn Gundogs

Retired Studs


HRCH TTF Craighorn Kiffin MH

More about Kiffin

500 Point Club HRC

Reed, fox red labrador




HRCh UH Craighorn Spud MH

More about Spud

  • First English Labrador to enter 500 Point Club in HRC
  • AKC Master Hunter
  • 2005 Master National Qualified
  • Two Time Field Trial Winner (FTW) in England
Spud Junior, black British labrador

Spud Jr.

HRCH TTF Baron's Pride of Spud
HRCH Tudorcourt Warrior of Laggengill MH, aka Sweep

Sweep M

HRCH Tudorcourt Warrior of Laggengill MH

More about Sweep M



FTW Silversnipe Jester

More about Teddy

2 Open Field Trial Wins
2 Open Field Trial Seconds
1 Open Field Trial Third

Double TT Labradors have been chosen for their hunting prowess to couple with high standards of physical and mental soundness. The British Labrador is renowned and admired the world over, for its:

  • Natural hunting ability
  • Good looks
  • Wonderful temperament
  • Loving and loyal character
  • Trainability
  • Intelligence
  • Strong companionship
  • Ability to become part of the family

The finest proven British Labrador blood lines are available through Double TT to the American hunter, providing him or her with a true companion that will be noticed and admired.

Glossary of Terms

AKC - American Kennel Club

CNM - Centronuclear Myopathy
Centronuclear Myopathy is an inherited genetic disorder that causes generalized muscle weakness. Affected dogs may be unable to walk or exercise normally.

EIC - Exercise Induced Collapse
Exercise Induced Collapse is an inherited genetic disorder that causes a loss of muscle control following periods of extreme exercise. Affected dogs can tolerate mild to moderate exercise, but 5 to 25 minutes of strenuous exercise can induce weakness followed by collapse.

FTCH - Field Trial Champion

FTW - Field Trial Winner

HR - Hunting Retriever

HRC - Hunting Retriever Club

HRCH - Hunting Retriever Champion

Int FTCH - International Field Trial Champion

JH - Junior Hunter

MH - Master Hunter

OFA - Orthapedic Foundation for Animals
An OFA number means the hips and/or elbows have been cleared for breeding by the Orthapedic Foundation for Animals. Dogs are cleared for breeding with an Excellent, Good or Fair, Normal ratings. You can visit offa.org to verify that a dog has been cleared.

OFTW - Open Field Trial Winner

PRA - Progressive Retinal Atrophy
Progressive Retinal Atrophy is an inherited eye disease that can cause serious vision problems, including blindness.

SH - Senior Hunter

TTF - Double TT Farms

UH - Upland Hunter