I couldn’t be happier with Ridge. He is now almost a year and month old and is about 72lbs and lean and more energy and endurance than just about every dog he is around. He duck hunted with me all year last year at the ages of 5-8 months and picked up every bird that was killed over him and even a couple of triples as well as some long blinds. I have trained him myself and still training him. I plan to send him to Steve Vires in late summer and get him polished up some before next season. He also found several deer that were killed last year. He is the most loyal, faithful, well-tempered dog ive been around in a long time and even at his young age his obedience and willingness to listen and please is above and beyond my expectations. He is a goofy, playful, gentle giant around the house and is happy 200% of the time. Great around anyone and will climb up in your lab like he’s still a 20lb puppy. Then when its time to work he is a different dog, that switch flips and he goes into serious work mode and will retrieve till the sun goes down, he absolutely loves it. I couldn’t be happier so far, he’s a joy.  I don’t know what I’d do without him. Feeding him Pro Plan Performance and he seems to be responding very well. Thanks for a great companion and friend.