I noticed you don’t have any waterfowl pictures in you’re Puppy References, so I thought I’d send some and tell you a little about Emma (Brambles x Clyde). She is my 3rd Labrador (1st British). I’ve trained all three myself, and Emma was by far the easiest to train. She came as advertised, biddable,calm, intelligent, soft mouth, and a retrieving machine with a great nose.Through all the phases of training she was eager to please. I took her to Manitoba Canada on a week long goose hunting trip when she was 10 months old. She handled herself very well and retrieved about 70 geese. She is a house dog and we leave her and my 12 year old Lab in the house for 8 hours at a time with no problems. She loves people and is great with my 3 year old granddaughter. As you can tell, I’m very proud of Emma and I would highly recommend Double TT Kennels.