Here’s a picture of Max (Beech x Brambles, 11/07 litter) and Gracie (William x Bute, ’06 litter) at a recent trip to Lake of the Woods, Ontario. Gracie belongs to the Dr Bill Bondurant family, also of Oklahoma City. Gracie’s first season ended on a great note. She really started to get after it, so we are excited to see her work this fall. Additionally, she is a great family pet.

Max’s training is going really well. He consistently works doubles and is also doing well on blinds. All retrieves are delivered to hand. He has never been force-fetched. He loves training and loves being in the water. He is an absolute joy to be around and is mature beyond his 8 months in the field and the house. He is also a great looking Lab, which is no surprise to anyone who has seen Beech or Brambles.

I am thrilled beyond words with Max. I’m fairly certain that the Bondurant family (Bill’s brother, Charles, also has a Double T female) feels the same way about Gracie. Quite simply, your dogs are amazing. Their demeanor in the field and in the house is just phenomenal.

Anyone thinking about getting a British Lab need look no further than Double  T!