Parker is almost 6 months and he’s just a shade over 47 lbs. If you look at the toy dog in the 12 wks pic and compare it to the 6 month a pic you can see a
size difference. When we first got him he could barely carry that toy. Here is a list of accomplishments:

  • Learned the basic commands
  • Plays “ball” 8 wks
  • Retrieved his first bird (a young robin) at 10 weeks
  • Nosed out a magpie in a tree from scent
  • Nosed out two dead birds Jeff gave  me and “froze” on both (just like Casie)
  • Has won over Boulder (almost 10 yrs) after just about being ate) by Boulder

He is truly a gifted and talented dog. Aside from the occasional shredded newspaper and tree trimmings in the house he is the best. He actually ate (shredded) Davis homework one day.

Parker has won over the hearts and soles of Mac and D. And has Barb wrapped around his little paw.

D and I can’t wait to go hunting with Parker. D and I shot trap for the first time last night he was about 30 out of 50.

We give thanks to God every night for Parker. Thanks to you guys.