Here are two pics of opening weekend in northern Oklahoma. Great morning!

Lots of ducks and the topper was the dog work put in by Gracie. 12 ducks, 12 retrieves. 4 cripples, 2 of which were diving. For a young hunter, repetitions in the field are the key. This will be here first heavy season with 500 kills over her more than likely. She answered this morning like a master hunter. Steady to the wing: we stacked 5 to 6 flights into the pond before moving on them, and Gracie never budged! Steady to the gun; I held her for 4 downed birds before sending her. I NEVER had to say “stay” or “wait”. She just sat dead still with her ears up watching these birds pour in and swim. I loved it. When I released her, she worked like a seasoned veteran. Hard into the water and right back to hand—-ready to go back. I am so very proud of her. This was the hunt that she stopped being a retriever and became a HUNTER! What a future this dog has. Don’t forget, she lost her first season to my having made her gun-shy! She trained for a year to get rid of my mistake and now is just plain GREAT!!!

More pics to come this season!